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Our Story

The Premiere Licensed Horse Rental Company

Providing the highest quality steeds, trainers and handlers well versed in the entertainment industry, and based in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. Forever Dreams Ranch is our ranch location available! 

Horses are trained and available for film productions, private photoshoots, portfolio building, print ads, commercials, music videos, baraat weddings, short films, maternity photoshoots, social media, gender reveals, quinceanera, and other special events

Offering a variety of breeds, colors, and riding styles, including dancing horses, trick trained horses that lay down, rear, paw and nod on command. Our stable includes Friesian horses and stallions, Andalusians, Lusitanos, Draft, Arabians, Paints, Quarter Horses, Warmbloods, and Thoroughbreds.


Four Legs on Set was founded by Carlotta, an Italian visual artist, performing actress and producer with over 20+ years of experience in the production industry. 

Carlotta being a lifelong horse lover and a seasoned liberty horsemanship trainer, founded FOUR LEGS ON SET with the goal of giving rescue horses a second chance to thrive in a new life dedicated to  creating art and incredible memories. Several of the horses featured in our stable have been saved from kill pens or adopted from reputable rescues.

Four Legs On Set is a reliable company, with an elite team of trainers, wranglers and creatives, driven by passion and a love for the horses.

Our horses receive the best nutrition and top notch farrier and veterinary care, together with chiropractic and  other therapeutic treatments as needed for their continued wellbeing.


Four Legs On Set is not only dedicated to providing visually stunning, well trained and safe horses but strives to give you a first class experience for your special event or creative project.



A few who have loved working with our horses...

Bazaar, Beyonce, KKW by Kim Kardashian Kendall Jenner, Sony, Amazon, Universal Pictures, AGPNYC, Country stars, Harley Davidson, Swagger Magazine, L'Bel, Leyla Milani, Lamborghini, Zaldi, Genuine Billy Cook, Sweet Madness,  and more! 

For references please read the reviews our clients have left us in the next page!


Four Legs On set welcomes animal lovers that would like to contribute to our mission

by donating or collaborating with brands and products, to contact us.

(501c3 available and 100% taxable)



♡Thank you for loving our horses!

We love making art!♡

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